Revenge was the clear-cut winner in the 2012 presidential election, clobbering love for country according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of  The Destructive President  ( At an Ohio campaign stop just prior to the election, President Obama told the crowd booing Mitt Romney, “Voting is the best revenge.” Romney responding to Obama’s revenge directive told his supporters not to vote for revenge but to “vote for love of country.” Guess what? After four years of pitting one group against another, stoking the flames of envy for anyone successful and expanding the number of federal dependents, more Americans voted for revenge than love for country. This should not come as a tremendous surprise as Obama’s goal is to recreate America in his own image. That image includes anger, resentment and a drive for vengeance.

A sad state of affairs and one that does not bode well for the next four years.

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DESTRUCTION: An Inside Job by Dr. Paul Fick

President Obama’s greatest foreign policy weakness is his continued drive to destroy the American economy which, in turn, devastates America’s self-defense capabilities according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President. As Obama repeatedly mentions, he gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden. Also, a number of terrorists on the Most Wanted list were surprised to be on the wrong end of a drone attack and assumed room temperature. While we are all pleased that these terrorist threats to America are now roadkill, we face a great risk based not on what Obama is doing outside of our borders but by what he is pulling off as an Inside Job. If Obama continues his destruction of the economy and of the American spirit, America will not have the resources or the will to rise to her own defense. To learn more Obama’s destruction of America read Dr. Paul Fick’s book, The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama.

Debate Debacle

The first presidential debate was nothing short of a debacle for President Obama says Dr. Paul Fick the author of The Destructive President. His stumbling performance mystified his supporters, raised serious questions for voters who remained undecided, and if the polls are any indication, jeopardized his reelection. While former Vice President Al Gore theorized that Obama’s poor performance was due to Denver’s thin air, a more likely explanation is Obama’s thin skin.
Here are five reasons why Obama stumbled in the first debate according to Dr. Fick:

1) Overconfidence: Since his days at Occidental College, Obama has believed that he is an orator par excellence. Obama and his team also had created a negative false image of Governor Romney’s abilities. This combination of self-aggrandizement and negative attribution left Obama susceptible to believing that his victory in Denver was inevitable. He was flat our wrong in his belief about himself, his opponent, and the outcome.

2) Underperformance: When Obama was elected in 2008 he eschewed the business dictum to “under-promise and over-deliver.” He has failed to produce the jobs, debt reduction, deficit control, and economic stabilization he promised. The first debate focused on these domestic issues and Obama’s poor first term performance left him with no credible answers. It is not surprising that his first term underperformance resulted in his underperformance in the debate.

3) Defensiveness: At his core, Obama is insecure and therefore he bristles at intimations of failure. Obama crumbled in the face of a 90 minute spotlight on his failed domestic policy outcomes. His insecurity overtook him and he could not look Romney or the American public in the eye.

4) The blame game: Obama did his best at deflecting from the reality of his record by resorting to the blame game. Unfortunately for the president, blaming others and failing to accept responsibility for failure is becoming a tired tactic after nearly four years. The excuses sounded as tired and worn as the president appeared on screen.

5) Reality television: What places the president’s reelection chances at greatest peril is the fact that the Obama that Americans saw in the first debate is the real Obama. The president has projected an upbeat, energetic image but in reality he has battled negativity and depression throughout his lifetime. The public became privy to what Obama is like when he is left unscripted and without the aid of his teleprompter. The display was shocking to his supporters and confirmation to those who have seen beyond the façade for some time.

While the first debate exposed the real Obama, look for him to regroup and play the part of a confident man in control for the second debate. His supporters will breathe a sigh of relief as they regain their sense of false comfort.

Give Credit Where Credit is Downgraded by Dr. Paul Fick

Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President, contends that political observers who think that the second credit rating downgrade since Barack Obama assumed the presidency signals a failure do not understand the president or his destructive agenda. While it is difficult to accept that an American president would be driven to destroy the traditional institutions of the country, that is exactly what drives Obama. In other words, American economic calamity is a success from Obama’s perspective, not a failure. While this is a frightening thought, it is time to wake up because Obama’s destructive agenda is being realized before our very eyes. When Obama took office the United States had a AAA credit rating. On Obama’s watch, the credit rating now stands at AA-, three steps below the AAA rating. This is only the beginning. If Obama is granted four more years, he will not only “transform” (destroy) the economy but every other traditional American institution for which he holds contempt will meet a similar fate.

Crisis Mismanagement by Dr. Paul Fick

President Obama does not excel at crisis management. Obama’s expertise is crisis mismanagement, according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President.

Obama is filled with emotional turmoil, including anger and hatred that he feverishly attempts to contain through power and control. When faced with the mental and emotional upheaval inherent in a crisis situation, Obama is overwhelmed and resorts to his rudimentary defense mechanisms that correlate with his psychological disorders. In the current crisis, we see Obama using projection (the defense mechanism expected given his paranoid tendencies) as his administration blames a video for the murderous and riotous activities in the Middle East instead of the terrorist perpetrators of these heinous acts. His administration also attacked Governor Romney for having the gall to point out the Obama administration’s weakness at the outset of the attacks in Egypt.

While we pray that the president will somehow rise to the occasion at this time of international crisis, Obama’s emotional deficiencies as revealed in The Destructive President will likely limit his cognitive clarity. It is times like these that America needs a president that is emotionally healthy and not psychologically damaged.


I am honored that one of America’s premier political commentators, Jane Chastain, has written a tremendous review of The Destructive President. Please read Jane’s review “Trickle-Down Dysphoria: Obama’s Psychiatric Pain”

Dysfunction Meets Destruction by Dr. Paul Fick

When former President Clinton embraced President Obama we witnessed a synergy between dysfunction and destruction, according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama.

Clinton, as you may recall, was disbarred from practicing law before the Supreme Court, had his law license suspended for five years, and was fined $25,000 for lying under oath in a desperate effort at covering up his sexual misconduct. He was also impeached for perjury and suborning perjury. Nonetheless, we are supposed to believe Clinton when he pronounces that Obama is doing a bang-up job and we would be fortunate to have him for another four years. Clinton also has swamp land for sale if you are interested.

Obama had even better news for us. If you give him another four years he promises 100,000 new teachers, 600,000 new natural gas workers, and two million new trainees. (Clinton’s ears perked up when he heard “trainees,” he thought Obama said “interns.”) Wow. If Obama is reelected we can count on 2.7 million new jobs in those three sectors alone. That sounds a lot like “shovel ready jobs” to me. The shovel ready jobs did not materialize and neither will these 2.7 million fantasy jobs.

As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. There were a lot of fools in that arena adoring the purveyors of dysfunction and destruction.

Clinton lies for his own glory. Obama lies to maintain his power to destroy.

Read Dr. Paul Fick’s book about Clinton, The Dysfunctional President, or about Obama, The Destructive President.

“Struggle,” Codeword for Malaise by Dr. Paul Fick

The DNC Convention was abuzz with tales of struggles and struggling, 2012 codewords for Carter-era malaise, according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. Michelle Obama would like us to sign on for another four years of struggling under the leadership of Struggler-in-Chief, Barack Obama. Carter tried the same ploy in 1980 and got clobbered. Let’s hope similar wisdom prevails and Obama experiences a personal malaise in November.

Obama’s Hate Crime by Dr. Paul Fick

To understand Obama it is necessary to look beyond narcissism and comprehend his deep-seated anger and hate according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama.  After all, Obama is perpetrating the most destructive hate crime in American history, a hate crime against the very nation that embraced him.

In their struggle to explain President Obama’s destructive policies, political pundits commonly have resorted to labeling him a narcissist. If only it were that simple and that benign. Obama’s destructive drive comes from a combination of psychological disturbances; narcissistic features, paranoid tendencies, and oppositionalism.

While Obama most certainly exhibits narcissistic features, he also just as certainly does not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Virtually everyone knows someone, whether in their personal or professional life, that displays narcissistic traits. Those individuals may be a pain in the backside to work with it and they may make every effort to glorify themselves at the expense of others, but they are not likely to destroy a family or a business, much less a nation.

The unrelenting pain from Obama’s childhood losses serves as the genesis for the narcissistic wound which plagues him to this day. During his early years, he was emotionally damaged by the very people, his mother and father, who were supposed to be his protectors from such suffering. He shielded himself from this narcissistic wound by distancing himself from others emotionally.

Intense pain became the norm for Obama. By adolescence, the pain was unbearable and was maturing into resentment. As a teen and young adult, Obama was a frequent abuser of alcohol and drugs which were a diversion not a remedy for his suffering.

By adulthood, resentment had transformed into rage and hate. Obama developed victim logic as a cognitive tool to gain congruence between how he felt inside and how he perceived the world. He developed paranoid tendencies, believing that he had gotten a raw deal out of life as his anger escalated. As a community organizer he discovered that by creating disorganization and division, he could be lifted up to positions of power and control. Of great importance to his fragile emotional condition, power and control served to mask his anger from himself and others. He appeared to be doing “public service.” All the while, he was using his position of power and control as a vehicle for his rage.

As president Obama has reached the epitome of power and control. On a daily basis we see examples of his unresolved emotional pain; through self-aggrandizement we witness the vestiges of his narcissistic wound, as he blames others and excuses himself for his own failings we observe the use of projection which is a paranoid defense mechanism, and of greatest concern, Americans are victimized by Obama’s externalization of his rage as he “transforms” America.

Obama hates himself but because of the insecurity stemming from his narcissistic wound, he cannot tolerate such a thought. His hatred is activated, however, as he uses victim logic to justify his vindictive impulses. Obama’s vengeance is displaced and directed at that which he holds responsible for his life-long pain; the institution of marriage, family, religion, the American economic system, race relations, the legal system, the Constitution, and ultimately, the traditional American way of life.

Dr. Paul Fick is the author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. To learn more about Obama or to purchase the book, go to

Ice It Down by Dr. Paul Fick

As the GOP continues its effort to put Missouri Senate hopeful, Representative Todd Akin, on ice for his absurd “legitimate rape” comment attention now is turned to the upcoming DNC Convention where former President Bill Clinton will deliver the nominating speech for President Barack Obama. This occasion calls for a bit of historical context according to Dr. Paul Fick author of the Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. 

When Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas, he allegedly raped Juanita Broaddrick. According to Ms. Broaddrick, after the brutal rape which included Clinton biting her lip to control her, Clinton turned to her and said, “You better put some ice on that.” If this were but an isolated incident, one could dismiss it as an unproven allegation. But Clinton’s sexual compulsion (and possible sexual offending behavior) is indisputable.

Clinton’s alleged nonconsensual sexual activities are well-known (Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, etc.). It is less well-known that Clinton carried on a Monica Lewinsky type relationship with an employee in the Arkansas State Capitol when he was governor or that he had hundreds of extramarital sexual encounters. When I was conducting interviews for The Dysfunctional President, one of the state troopers assigned to guarding Clinton told me that on any given night, the troopers were instructed to round-up a woman to satisfy Clinton’s sexual needs. On some nights the troopers approached “more than 50 women in order to find one” that would do the deed.

So this is the man who will be cheered wildly at the DNC Convention as he delivers the nominating speech for President Obama. Reaching out to Clinton is yet another example of Obama’s desperate cling to power and control so that he can put the finishing touches on his destructive agenda. After all, if Obama and Senate Democrats like Akin’s opponent, Senator Claire McCaskill retain their power they are free to continue their “legitimate rape” of the American taxpayer.

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