About the Book

In The Destructive President, renowned psychologist, Dr. Paul Fick goes inside the mind of Barack Obama. Dr. Fick unmasks Obama. He exposes the truth of Obama’s psychological makeup and explains why the president is on a mission to destroy America and her traditional institutions. For the first time, Americans learn who Obama is and why he is psychologically driven to “transform” America into a nation that causes patriots to shudder.

Obama’s childhood was rife with profound loss which included multiple paternal abandonments, maternal abandonment, multiple relocations including international moves to and from Indonesia that resulted in changes of schools and loss of friends, several divorces by his mother, etc. These losses were incurred at a time in Obama’s childhood when his personality was forming. The intensity of the pain was more than the very youthful Obama could comprehend much less resolve. As a result, his personality development was hampered severely and his cognitive, emotional, and behavioral capabilities were impaired. He suffered what is known as a narcissistic wound, a wound that resulted in significant insecurity which he attempts to mask with arrogance. By his teen years, Obama’s self-doubt and insecurity and his lack of identity formation overpowered his initial narcissistic defensive process. He turned to drugs and alcohol as a second defensive mechanism so that he could hide his pain behind a wall of marijuana smoke, the stimulation of cocaine, and the frontal lobe numbing of alcohol. He “hotboxed” with his friends as he kept the car windows rolled up so that no THC would be lost to the tropical Hawaiian air. Neither his rudimentary narcissistic response nor his substance abuse was sufficient to stave off the intensity of his pain.

As the intensity of Obama’s unresolved pain grew into resentment, he turned to a higher order defense mechanism; power and control, designed to contain his growing anger. He became a community organizer where he was taught by his mentor that a good organizer “is an angry man.” Obama fit the job description perfectly. Obama associated with other angry and disaffected “intellectuals” like William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He even married someone with a similar chip on her shoulder. Obama worked his way up through the ranks of elected offices in Illinois, gaining election using whatever political tactics were necessary to achieve the end game, power and control. After serving as a United States Senator briefly, Obama campaigned for the presidency promising a “transformation” of America.

It is in this “transformation” that we witness the manifestation of Obama’s inner psychological process teeming with resentment and hate. Obama’s destructive presidency grossly differs from Clinton’s dysfunctional presidency. Clinton’s anger from his unresolved childhood pain was self-directed. Clinton sought to sabotage himself publicly and did so in humiliating fashion. Obama’s rage, in contrast, is externally directed. His controlling personality style causes him to blame others and excuse himself when things go wrong. Using victim logic, Obama resents a litany of perceived wrongdoings for which he now seeks vengeance. In Obama’s convoluted thought process distorted by his rage, those wrongdoings were perpetrated on him unjustly and personally with the blessings of institutions like marriage, family, the American socioeconomic system, religion, the legal system, race relations, and the Constitution. The unrelenting feeling of hate screams for a “transformation” of all of these areas of American life.

During his first term Obama has given us but a foretaste of what is to come. Americans must understand a second Obama term will result in catastrophic consequences for the country. Obama desperately seeks a second term so that he may complete his quest to be The Destructive President.

Americans must get informed and stop Obama’s destruction before it is too late.