DESTRUCTION: An Inside Job by Dr. Paul Fick

President Obama’s greatest foreign policy weakness is his continued drive to destroy the American economy which, in turn, devastates America’s self-defense capabilities according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President. As Obama repeatedly mentions, he gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden. Also, a number of terrorists on the Most Wanted list were surprised to be on the wrong end of a drone attack and assumed room temperature. While we are all pleased that these terrorist threats to America are now roadkill, we face a great risk based not on what Obama is doing outside of our borders but by what he is pulling off as an Inside Job. If Obama continues his destruction of the economy and of the American spirit, America will not have the resources or the will to rise to her own defense. To learn more Obama’s destruction of America read Dr. Paul Fick’s book, The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama.


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