Debate Debacle

The first presidential debate was nothing short of a debacle for President Obama says Dr. Paul Fick the author of The Destructive President. His stumbling performance mystified his supporters, raised serious questions for voters who remained undecided, and if the polls are any indication, jeopardized his reelection. While former Vice President Al Gore theorized that Obama’s poor performance was due to Denver’s thin air, a more likely explanation is Obama’s thin skin.
Here are five reasons why Obama stumbled in the first debate according to Dr. Fick:

1) Overconfidence: Since his days at Occidental College, Obama has believed that he is an orator par excellence. Obama and his team also had created a negative false image of Governor Romney’s abilities. This combination of self-aggrandizement and negative attribution left Obama susceptible to believing that his victory in Denver was inevitable. He was flat our wrong in his belief about himself, his opponent, and the outcome.

2) Underperformance: When Obama was elected in 2008 he eschewed the business dictum to “under-promise and over-deliver.” He has failed to produce the jobs, debt reduction, deficit control, and economic stabilization he promised. The first debate focused on these domestic issues and Obama’s poor first term performance left him with no credible answers. It is not surprising that his first term underperformance resulted in his underperformance in the debate.

3) Defensiveness: At his core, Obama is insecure and therefore he bristles at intimations of failure. Obama crumbled in the face of a 90 minute spotlight on his failed domestic policy outcomes. His insecurity overtook him and he could not look Romney or the American public in the eye.

4) The blame game: Obama did his best at deflecting from the reality of his record by resorting to the blame game. Unfortunately for the president, blaming others and failing to accept responsibility for failure is becoming a tired tactic after nearly four years. The excuses sounded as tired and worn as the president appeared on screen.

5) Reality television: What places the president’s reelection chances at greatest peril is the fact that the Obama that Americans saw in the first debate is the real Obama. The president has projected an upbeat, energetic image but in reality he has battled negativity and depression throughout his lifetime. The public became privy to what Obama is like when he is left unscripted and without the aid of his teleprompter. The display was shocking to his supporters and confirmation to those who have seen beyond the façade for some time.

While the first debate exposed the real Obama, look for him to regroup and play the part of a confident man in control for the second debate. His supporters will breathe a sigh of relief as they regain their sense of false comfort.


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  1. Dr. Fick,
    I predict that President Obama will overcompensate on the second debate and demonstrate a facade of bravado which may even give way to his inability to keep his nostalgic anger conceled by over-reacting and further expose his REAL rage, that I believe is his prime mover.

    Furthermore, I believe we would be remiss to not mention Vice President Biden’s performance in the VP debate with Paul Ryan, since it has been said that Biden attempted to make up for Obama’s weak performance with constant laughter, sarcasm, and snears, as though that would show superiority. How juvenile! With that said, let me explain myself:

    I have 4 grandchildren, who all participate in debate both locally and nationally. The eldest of them is 19 years and the youngest is 12. If my grandchildren debated like Joe Biden did during the VP debate, they would have lost their debates for 1). interrupting the speaker, 2). laughing, 3). sarcasm, and 4). a poorly constructed presentation and rebuttal. I know this because I have had the privilage to judge these debates. My grandchildren – at their young ages – would have given the US public a superior performance and more information AND demonstrated a better knowledge of their subject than Biden did the other night.

    Even more, the moderator was obviously biased, as she allowed Vice President Biden to not only interrupt, but then gave him the floor when it wasn’t yet his time to speak. Normally any debate conference would have NEVER allowed a biased moderator to take part in any way of the debate process. I was grossly disappointed. The moderator badgered Paul Ryan, and allowed Joe Biden to play his antics — and give him the floor to do so! What a shame, when this election is one of the most important in the history of our Nation.

    By the way, I thought that Vice President Joe Biden behaved like a school boy — certainly NOT like the Vice President of the greatest country in the world. He was embarrassing in my opinion! And it reflects very poorly on President Obama, as VP Biden represents the highest of his cabinet officials and his party’s values, morals, and in this case, lack of self control.

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