Give Credit Where Credit is Downgraded by Dr. Paul Fick

Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President, contends that political observers who think that the second credit rating downgrade since Barack Obama assumed the presidency signals a failure do not understand the president or his destructive agenda. While it is difficult to accept that an American president would be driven to destroy the traditional institutions of the country, that is exactly what drives Obama. In other words, American economic calamity is a success from Obama’s perspective, not a failure. While this is a frightening thought, it is time to wake up because Obama’s destructive agenda is being realized before our very eyes. When Obama took office the United States had a AAA credit rating. On Obama’s watch, the credit rating now stands at AA-, three steps below the AAA rating. This is only the beginning. If Obama is granted four more years, he will not only “transform” (destroy) the economy but every other traditional American institution for which he holds contempt will meet a similar fate.


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