Crisis Mismanagement by Dr. Paul Fick

President Obama does not excel at crisis management. Obama’s expertise is crisis mismanagement, according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President.

Obama is filled with emotional turmoil, including anger and hatred that he feverishly attempts to contain through power and control. When faced with the mental and emotional upheaval inherent in a crisis situation, Obama is overwhelmed and resorts to his rudimentary defense mechanisms that correlate with his psychological disorders. In the current crisis, we see Obama using projection (the defense mechanism expected given his paranoid tendencies) as his administration blames a video for the murderous and riotous activities in the Middle East instead of the terrorist perpetrators of these heinous acts. His administration also attacked Governor Romney for having the gall to point out the Obama administration’s weakness at the outset of the attacks in Egypt.

While we pray that the president will somehow rise to the occasion at this time of international crisis, Obama’s emotional deficiencies as revealed in The Destructive President will likely limit his cognitive clarity. It is times like these that America needs a president that is emotionally healthy and not psychologically damaged.


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  1. Dr. Fick,
    With President Obama’s severe insecurities, it is obvious that in a crisis situation, he also turns to avoidance and denial – as demonstrated by his trip to Sin City (Vegas) while US embassy personnel are tortured and murdered. My mind flashes from unimaginable horrific scenes of the tortures of our embassy staff in Egypt, to Obama living it up in a luxurious suite campaigning on my tax dollars!

    Furthermore, I must inquire your opinion: Does Obama deflect and blame the cause of the riots on a video, because if he assumes the responsibility, it would be admitting an overwhelming and terrifying realization that he is incapable as a leader and the situation is beyond his depth?

    His anxiety level has got to be off the charts with these crises and Americans watching him closely right now, as we decide who would make the best leader. His avoidance and blame is the direct opposite of a leader of the greatest nation in the world.

    • Obama’s continued fund raising in the middle of this crisis exemplifies his narcissistic personality traits. While an emotionally healthy person empathizes with those that are suffering and being tortured, Obama’s fears his own pain which would be overwhelming if he is defeated in November. Then he will have lost his source of containing his anger and historical pain..

      As far as blaming the video, Obama’s use of projection is to defend himself against the admission of any personal weakness. Like a child, he points at others when he has failed. Several sources (Drudge Report, Breitbart) have links to a video from 2007 in which Obama proclaims that on his inauguration day tensions with Muslims would ease. In the book I wrote about Obama’s cognitive distortions and his inability to see himself clearly. This is quite an example of that.

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