Obama’s Hate Crime by Dr. Paul Fick

To understand Obama it is necessary to look beyond narcissism and comprehend his deep-seated anger and hate according to Dr. Paul Fick, author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama.  After all, Obama is perpetrating the most destructive hate crime in American history, a hate crime against the very nation that embraced him.

In their struggle to explain President Obama’s destructive policies, political pundits commonly have resorted to labeling him a narcissist. If only it were that simple and that benign. Obama’s destructive drive comes from a combination of psychological disturbances; narcissistic features, paranoid tendencies, and oppositionalism.

While Obama most certainly exhibits narcissistic features, he also just as certainly does not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Virtually everyone knows someone, whether in their personal or professional life, that displays narcissistic traits. Those individuals may be a pain in the backside to work with it and they may make every effort to glorify themselves at the expense of others, but they are not likely to destroy a family or a business, much less a nation.

The unrelenting pain from Obama’s childhood losses serves as the genesis for the narcissistic wound which plagues him to this day. During his early years, he was emotionally damaged by the very people, his mother and father, who were supposed to be his protectors from such suffering. He shielded himself from this narcissistic wound by distancing himself from others emotionally.

Intense pain became the norm for Obama. By adolescence, the pain was unbearable and was maturing into resentment. As a teen and young adult, Obama was a frequent abuser of alcohol and drugs which were a diversion not a remedy for his suffering.

By adulthood, resentment had transformed into rage and hate. Obama developed victim logic as a cognitive tool to gain congruence between how he felt inside and how he perceived the world. He developed paranoid tendencies, believing that he had gotten a raw deal out of life as his anger escalated. As a community organizer he discovered that by creating disorganization and division, he could be lifted up to positions of power and control. Of great importance to his fragile emotional condition, power and control served to mask his anger from himself and others. He appeared to be doing “public service.” All the while, he was using his position of power and control as a vehicle for his rage.

As president Obama has reached the epitome of power and control. On a daily basis we see examples of his unresolved emotional pain; through self-aggrandizement we witness the vestiges of his narcissistic wound, as he blames others and excuses himself for his own failings we observe the use of projection which is a paranoid defense mechanism, and of greatest concern, Americans are victimized by Obama’s externalization of his rage as he “transforms” America.

Obama hates himself but because of the insecurity stemming from his narcissistic wound, he cannot tolerate such a thought. His hatred is activated, however, as he uses victim logic to justify his vindictive impulses. Obama’s vengeance is displaced and directed at that which he holds responsible for his life-long pain; the institution of marriage, family, religion, the American economic system, race relations, the legal system, the Constitution, and ultimately, the traditional American way of life.

Dr. Paul Fick is the author of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. To learn more about Obama or to purchase the book, go to www.destructivepresident.com.


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