Ice It Down by Dr. Paul Fick

As the GOP continues its effort to put Missouri Senate hopeful, Representative Todd Akin, on ice for his absurd “legitimate rape” comment attention now is turned to the upcoming DNC Convention where former President Bill Clinton will deliver the nominating speech for President Barack Obama. This occasion calls for a bit of historical context according to Dr. Paul Fick author of the Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. 

When Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas, he allegedly raped Juanita Broaddrick. According to Ms. Broaddrick, after the brutal rape which included Clinton biting her lip to control her, Clinton turned to her and said, “You better put some ice on that.” If this were but an isolated incident, one could dismiss it as an unproven allegation. But Clinton’s sexual compulsion (and possible sexual offending behavior) is indisputable.

Clinton’s alleged nonconsensual sexual activities are well-known (Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, etc.). It is less well-known that Clinton carried on a Monica Lewinsky type relationship with an employee in the Arkansas State Capitol when he was governor or that he had hundreds of extramarital sexual encounters. When I was conducting interviews for The Dysfunctional President, one of the state troopers assigned to guarding Clinton told me that on any given night, the troopers were instructed to round-up a woman to satisfy Clinton’s sexual needs. On some nights the troopers approached “more than 50 women in order to find one” that would do the deed.

So this is the man who will be cheered wildly at the DNC Convention as he delivers the nominating speech for President Obama. Reaching out to Clinton is yet another example of Obama’s desperate cling to power and control so that he can put the finishing touches on his destructive agenda. After all, if Obama and Senate Democrats like Akin’s opponent, Senator Claire McCaskill retain their power they are free to continue their “legitimate rape” of the American taxpayer.

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  1. Dr. Fick, thank you for reminding us of former President Clinton’s sexual compulsions and rape allegations. It is common knowledge that rape is not about sex, rather it is about power. There appears to be a common thread here between the former President Clinton introducing the sitting President Obama: to rape and pillage people! In the current case, President Obama is raping and pillaging his own coffers, really. Although this election isn’t a race issue, my mind turns to the Rodney King riots of 1992 where the African Americans in LA destroyed their own neighborhoods. Isn’t President Obama doing the same thing? Tearing down his own neighborhood… the USA!

    Harlan Ellison once said “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity,” and the dictionary definition of stupidity is “a lack of perception, or common sense.” It doesn’t make any common sense to me for a President to continue to increase the debt of “his” country. And the fact that Obama is doing so, demonstrates that his perception of America is skewed, bringing me back to Harlan Ellison’s quote. Maybe the last election didn’t produce the sharpest knife in the drawer??? Hopefully, with this election come November, we know better and we can do better!

    • You are correct that this election is not about race. When people have unresolved psychological issues, their thoughts, feelings, and behavior often do not appear to make common sense. That is because their decisions, emotions, and actions are based not only on the present but also in their past. That is the exact problem we have with Obama. He is seeking to destroy America because of his past emotional pain.

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